interesting in my life: Lee Min Ho, brings Sina.com down

Friday, September 23, 2011

Lee Min Ho, brings Sina.com down

Actor Lee Min-ho shut down one of China’s portal site, “Sina.com”.

His management Star Haus said, “Lee Min-ho did the live time interview from 5PM to 6PM through Chinese SNS service Weibo, and received 135,000 questions for an hour, shutting down the greatest portal site in China, Sina.com”.

The servers kept going down due to the enormous amounts of questions and access to the bulletin wasn’t fluent but he proved the ‘Lee Min-ho syndrome’ by setting a record o 135,000 questions.

“Wei Pang Tan” has led various SNS interview sessions with top Chinese celebrities such as Fan Bingbing, Wei Chen, Gum Sing Mo, Aaron Kwok, Jimmy Lin, Lee Bing Bing and more.

Sina.com’s official Weibo said, “It’s the first time to record a number higher than 130,000. It’s hard not to admire Lee Min-ho’s unbeatable popularity. The interview wasn’t proceeded fluently as we received so many questions in a short about of time”.

Meanwhile, Lee Min-ho will be visiting China on the 25th to attend the Hyundai Motors Launching show, which he is modeling for.

Source: nate news
Translation: Hancinema

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