interesting in my life: Lee Min Ho's Video - Going back to Korea

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Lee Min Ho's Video - Going back to Korea

Minoz, this is the video we've been waiting for !!! ^^ 
here's a video of uri Lee Min Ho at SuvarnaBhumi International Airport (Thailand) ,going back to Korea...^^
Damn, could you all see that he got First Class on Thai Airways??? (THAI ROYAL FIRST!!!) ->> T__T
Thank Skei of en.korea.com for sharing this video too !! ^^
As long as i found the video of him arriving at Incheon, i'll post it here !!! ^^

credit: 0855079665 from youtube / ref: www.facebook.com/TukyShinee / skei0622 @en.korea.com 

This video was also posted in en.korea.com ,Lee Min Ho's fan club, here's the link : LEE MIN HO FANCLUB @EN.KOREA.COM

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